Last Thursday, as we geared up to host the Launch of the Belfast Fashion week. the Ormeau Baths opened up its doors to the glamorous world of haute couture.

  With the arrival of a string of elegant models, clothing rails bursting with upscale frocks  and all manner of room dressings, from giant neon signage to banana trees, it became abundantly clear that this would be no ordinary OB event.

   Indeed Cathy Martin and her team at Belfast Fashion week transformed our event space into a high fashion catwalk worthy of Paris or London; replete with verdant tropical foliage and a glittering West Coast Cooler cocktail bar.  As the creme de la creme of Belfast’s Fashion Glitterati began to arrive in their droves the air filled with a flurry of fevered fashion chat, the clink of WestCoast cooler cocktails and the appetising crunch of freshly baked Miel et Moi Macarons.

  After a brief networking brunch it was time for the models to do their thing and the 15 gorgeous girls and boys readied themselves to take centre stage,  sashaying to and fro in the years top upcoming trends.  Lilac, rose and forest green seem to be the hot tips of the season, spread the word!

   The Ormeau Baths would like to offer a  huge thanks to Cathy Martin for choosing to bring this exciting event to the Ormeau Baths and give a big shout out to Belfast fashion week, West Coast Cooler and Miel et moi.

  Come again soon!


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