Do you know that infographics are a great way to communicate information? They help to translate data into insights and understanding and present complex issues quickly. Infographics will improve your organisation’s visibility and reach and increase your organisation’s audience engagement on social media. There has been an explosion in the popularity in infographics on digital channels and they are also used in traditional media such as newspapers and magazine.

VIEWdigital training associate Ruth Brolly will lead a half-day Infographics masterclass at The Ormeau Baths, Belfast, on Friday, March 23, from 9.30am to 1pm. Places are limited and Ormeau Baths members who are interested in attending should inquire about a discount.

The half day infographics workshop, led by Dr Ruth Brolly, follows a practical tutorial format. The free software, Canva, an online resource is used. Participants should, prior to the session, go to and create a free, basic account using their email and a password. This is a straightforward process, taking only minutes, but done in advance it will allow the participants to get straight into training, making maximum use of the time.

This is a really engaging session for participants and should leave them with a positive sense of achievement and a sound grounding in how to create infographic designs for future application to their work output.

Ruth Brolly talks about the course here: –

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone wanting to produce their own infographics content for information or marketing.

REQUIREMENTS: Participants should bring laptops with them.  

COST: The full price is £180 with a 20% discount if you are a Ormeau Baths member

If interested please send an email to Alison Matthews at [email protected]